The Authors

JessicaCritcher_authorJessica Critcher

Jessica Critcher is a writer, newly transplanted in Alameda, California. She is busy querying her debut novel, a post-apocalyptic story set in 1953. She contributes regularly to Gender Focus and reviews videogames for Hardcore Droid. She has also been published in Extract(s), Bitch Magazine, and Katherine Press.

Follow her on Twitter @JessCritcher or find her on Instagram at JessicaCritcher for adorable pictures of her chihuahua, Ada Lovelace.


KatieLi copyKatie Li

Katie Li is the author of the speculative YA/New Adult crossover Somewhere In Between. Her work has appeared in The Huffington Post, Bitch Flicks, Write From Wrong, and Xenith. Katie is the publisher of Kung Fu Girl Books, co-founder of Social Artists & Writers, and curator of the e-zine The Beautiful Worst.

Follow Katie on Twitter @KatieLi_Writer or Instagram @KungFuGrrl.